Lender Due Diligence Services

Due to the boutique nature of our select staff, our lenders are familiar with all members of Keyser Associates. When clients select us for assignments, they always know the specific staff member who is scheduled to perform the exam.

We are committed to a very interactive communicative process between the lender, borrower/prospect and our staff. Our clients know that we will communicate before, during and after every project. We also strive to treat your borrower/prospect like our customer providing value-added services on every assignment.

Our lender due diligence services include the following:

  • FIELD EXAMINATIONS: Surveys, recurring and takeover exams
  • PHONE VERIFICATIONS: The professionals at Keyser Associates will verify receivables in the field in order to identify potential problems on a live basis. This enables us to immediately perform follow-up with the borrower/prospect.
  • QUALITY OF INVENTORY MIX: Comprehensive turnover analysis using a combined approach of data mining and thorough review with the purchasing staff.
  • SALES BACKLOG: Analysis of inventory mix available to fill the current sales order backlog. This analysis has the combined benefit of analyzing collateral quality and the cash flow impact of slow-moving inventory.
  • CASH FLOW PROJECTIONS: We will either analyze the company’s assumptions or assist in the preparation of the projections. The quality of the inventory mix is an essential element in the company’s ability to meet it cash flow forecasts.
  • LITIGATION SUPPORT SERVICES: We can perform forensic reviews on special projects and perform expert witness services.